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SEEING & EXPERIENCING the personal love of God



Knowing God School King's Gallery Living Lessons takes you on a deeper journey of discovery into the heart of G...

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True Discipleship

TRUE DISCIPLESHIP  Coming soon! What is it to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ? We will be doing a s...

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MY LOVE - This glowing 30" x 30" X .75" black framed canvas print represents the greatest gift, the daily&n...

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CHRIST THE SAVIOR by Troi Cockayne. This dramatic 13.5" x 17.5" Black Wood Framed Canvas Print is a powerful&nbs...

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LIVING WORDS Hardcover Book

"In the midst of my darkest season in the rubble of my broken life, a friend recommended I buy a journal and cry out ...

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"...because learning how to know God is priceless."

Faith Family

Being a part of a discipleship family connects us, encourages us and empowers us to experience all that God intended.

The Source

KING'S GALLERY believes that leading hearts to the personal Source brings forth the greatest power for freedom and healing.


Making the most important aspect of discipleship simple and accessible to everyone is part of our greater vision.

Visual Power

King's Gallery employs the powerful proven effectiveness of visual imagery to both increase interest and the ability to retain the priceless subject matter.

Personal Discipleship

You will learn how to hear, be led by and know the Spirit of God.

Living Words

Learning to hear the Living Words of God is a priceless foundation for truly knowing God.