Goals of this Campaign

The Foundational & Ultimate goals to CHRIST ACROSS AMERICA


What is most valuable to God?

The answer to this question is the foundational goal of this campaign.



What are each of the following?


KING'S GALLERY is about taking back the visual realm. We see KING'S GALLERY as the stage, where the glory of God is the star! A Kingdom Inspired Think-Tank of divine ideas, dreams, visions and strategies 'for such a time as this.' A collective group of Kingdom Kings and Inspired Ones that will champion the strategic vision of Visual Revival by displaying the evidence of God with beauty and excellence.


CHRIST ACROSS AMERICA is the inspired campaign to raise awareness and resources to create concentrated displays of the evidence of God in every state, uniting the body of Christ behind the evidence of God in a way that has never been done.


These will be marketplace displays of the evidence, power and love of God. The most meaningful structures ever to be built. Uniquely designed for each state, they will visually represent the profound depth of evidence to a lost and broken world. Gallerias of God's glory, manifesting the love of God through the the halls, walls and empowered children of God.


This page will outline the goals and why they are so valuable to God and to humanity.


"The Bible is not relevant to a world that has never seen a concentrated display of the evidence of God."

As long as the evidence remains fragmented, unclear and diluted deception has power in the earth.

Awakening the body of Christ to the value of the evidence is critical because it would have tremendous power to ignite faith and establish confidence in Christ, like never before seen.

VISUAL REVIVAL is about the body of Christ supporting the effort to gather and display the excellence of God's beauty, His power, Divine Design, Testimonies, Signs, Wonders, Miracles, The best discoveries in Science, Biology, Archeology, Prophetic Artwork, and all of the amazing facts and figures that point to the reliability of scripture and the fact that Jesus is indeed the Savior of the world.

CHRIST ACROSS AMERICA is the call to the body of Christ to unite in an inspired effort to manifest the glory of God like never before seen. 



We are seeking inspired individuals to fill key positions, including an Overseeing Committee, CFO, CEO, COO, Architects, Creative Visionaries, Inspired Designers, Video Editors, Evidence Gatherers, Social Marketing Experts, Administration and other key positions. These core positions being established will greatly enable the ultimate vision of CHRIST ACROSS AMERICA.

As creative visionaries, called by God to 'make these visions clear' - Hab 2:2 , My wife and I, as the stewards of King's Gallery, carry layers and layers of inspired visions for widespread revival and outreach.

Our ability to effectively accelerate and advance these foundational details is critical to the success of this vision and campaign.

We are seeking key individuals to join with us. We desire to create the first  KING'S GALLERY prototype.

Currently I work six days a week in a food business, as the sole provider for our family, while my wife takes care of our three children, and works on editing videos, answering emails and other slow advancements of KING'S GALLERY.

For those who see the value of these details being effectively accelerated and developed, both small and large donations will help us to greatly advance the ultimate vision of CHRIST ACROSS AMERICA.



Developing inspired ideas, concepts and creative designs of the first KING'S GALLERY prototype  is one of our main goals of this campaign. 

We are actively seeking to gather a team of inspired professionals to work together to design, brainstorm concepts and inspired ideas of interior & exterior spaces, which would ultimately lead to the first KING'S GALLERY prototype

This is a foundational goal to CHRIST ACROSS AMERICA. Creating concentrated displays of the evidence of God in every state.


We are considering the possibility of a nation wide design contest. We want to attract the best designers, creative visionaries and inspired artisans. (We would need a major donor to put up prize money in various categories). NOTE: We will only do this if this idea gains financial support and is widely embraced by those supporting us.

By creating a contest we could potentially create a greater excitement and participation from the creative body of Christ, leading to a renaissance of inspired individuals, ideas and concepts, as well as further awareness to the greater cause and vision of CHRIST ACROSS AMERICA.

Gaining the financial support to create these concepts, designs and prototype details is a foundational goal of this campaign.

If you believe that's you, or you know someone, or you feel inspired to help in any way, please contact us and share your area of calling and the state you live in. We would love to connect with you!

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Reveal the clear beautiful Truth that Jesus is indeed the Savior of the world.


Establishing Kingdom Inspired Epicenters in every state.


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